Are you thinking of a career path as a QA Tester? Find out all that you need to get started from this article.

Software testers may need to be familiar with a long list of skills and tools. If you are patient, attentive and tenacious enough, it is easy to foray into this filed.

What does it mean to work in QA?

Software QA includes a fair amount of potential full-time specialization. The various expertise you may want to develop are:

  • Front-end testing
  • Back-end testing
  • Writing test plans 
  • Systems testing 
  • Security testing
  • Accessibility testing 

Consider the following differences. You have a choice between performing black-box testing or white box testing; also, gray box testing which is a combination of the two. Each one of these requires a distinct type of puzzle solving. There’/s also a difference between manual testing and automated testing with jobs recently weighing heavily towards automated testing. However, you need not immediately specialize as you make your entry into this world. In the beginning, you will probably be working on each of these distinct specialities which will in turn help you learn a wide range of job skills.

Recently, the most common type of QA testing seems to be front-end testing which uses graphic and command line user interfaces to manually interact with software.

There are a lot of sub-specialities for you to master too as system testing includes basic operations testing, validating the new functionality works in the target environment, or probing the limits of a system, such as performance, boundary, threshold/failover, and usability testing. At a glance, it may appear to be an uphill task; but remember that you do not need to master them all at the very beginning.

Things you should know to perform well?

At a beginner level, you need to be conversant with computer languages such as C, C#, Go, HTML (for web processing), Java, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, and Unix scripting. Do not get disheartened by the long list- you definitely do NOT need to know all of them. These are just a few suggestions.

Familiarising yourself with some common tech tools will be a bonus. Checkout the following testing-related software which might prove useful to you.

Getting ready to brave it out in the job market as a QA?

You need to get trained as a QA. Without the proper training and certification, you will be lost in the wide sea of innumerable prospective QAs. The Software Quality Assurance and Testing course at Thinklogix is designed for testers like you and help in developing skills in application testing as a quality assurance analyst. Topics covered include testing lifecycle in software development, manual testing, automated testing, test case creation, test execution, and test case management. A certificate of completion is provided by Thinklogix at the end of the course.

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