A Nanodegree program is a credential program for a specialized topic. In simplest form, you enroll and you receive a credential affirming your successful completion of the program.

More specifically, a Nanodegree program is a project and skills-based educational credential program. You enroll, you learn a set of skills, you successfully complete the course and demonstrate your mastery of these skills, and you receive a certification affirming your mastery of these skills.

Learning in a Nanodegree program takes place primarily online, so it can be said that a Nanodegree is an online learning credential program.

The Thinklogix Nanodegree Program

Here are some important features that set our Nanodegree programs apart:

  • Thinklogix Nanodegree programs are built with, and valued by the tech industry
  • Our placement assistance and curriculum partnerships are unique in the field, and represent one of the key benefits our students enjoy. Only at Thinklogix, can aspiring Data Science Engineers learn directly from leading Data Science experts.
  • We offer programs in cutting-edge emerging technologies like Data Science, Cloud, Cyber Security, QA and more.
  • Our students benefit from an unparalleled online training and delivery system guided by the leading experts in the industry that produces in-depth and detailed knowledge along with job oriented skills.

Top four reasons why a Nanodegree is valuable

The value of a Nanodegree program can be broken down into four main categories:

  1. Skills
  2. Community
  3. Certification
  4. Employment

Almost all companies prioritize around capability. The importance placed on culture fit generally varies but the importance placed on skills generally does not. You need skills to begin, to advance, and to succeed. This is why our courses are designed to make you a master of a specific skill set that is on high demand in the market.

The importance of community cannot be undermind when it comes to career success. Your engagement with, and membership in, Thinklogix communities along with your mentors will help you throughout the entire lifecycle of your career.

The ultimate affirmation of your achievement is your Thinklogix certification. It is proof of your success. However, when it comes to your career, your credential is only as valuable as the opportunities it affords you. This is why our Career Support team, are such critical components of our model. Thinklogix will help successful candidates with placement assistance and interview guidance and guide you through your entire career path.

Thinklogix believes that if your goal is career advancement, then job success is the deciding parameter of whether we’ve met our obligations to your future. At Thinklogix, we do everything in our power to see that you land your dream job after you complete our course. 

Nanodegree Program Use Cases

Here are some general descriptions of why you might choose to enroll in a Thinklogix Nanodegree program, organized by skill and experience level:

You have little to no programming skills and you do not consider yourself to be a “techie,” but you have a sense that to compete in today’s hiring landscape, you need to equip yourself with more modern skills.

You’re functionally adept with technical skills, but you’re not yet aware where you want to be in your career. You may be trying to land your first role in your chosen field. You may be attempting a lateral promotion into a position with the kind of opportunity you’re seeking down the road. You may be looking for a career change. In all these instances, you need to refresh or upskill to achieve your goals.

You’re ready to make the leap from fully skilled, to incredibly valuable. You want to master the most cutting-edge skills, compete for top roles at the most innovative companies, and start delivering real value. You want to learn the skills and techniques used by the most advanced technology companies in the world.

Technical vs. “In Tech”

Today, there is a critical difference between having technical skills, and working “in tech.” We believe the skills you learn in a Nanodegree program enable you to work virtually anywhere, in any field. Not just in tech. As just a few examples, when you master technical skills through a Udacity Nanodegree program, you are in a position to bring value to:

  • Companies that have web properties which must be built, maintained, upgraded.
  • Companies that need to build, maintain, and upgrade their apps.
  • Companies that produce data which must be analyzed, and rendered strategically actionable.
  • Companies which need to automate portions of their operations through the use of sophisticated algorithms that can be trained to increase efficacy.


When you enroll in a Thinklogix Nanodegree program, you will:

  • Master in-demand skills
  • Build and design amazing projects
  • Earn a valued credential

When you are equipped with a Thinklogix certificate, you will:

  • Launch your career
  • Be in demand

The ultimate goal of the Thinklogix Nanodegree program is to teach the skills you need, for the career you want, so you can achieve the goal you have set.

For more information on Thinklogix Nanodegree programs, browse through our course pages or connect with our career consultant at hello@thinklogix.com or call us at +1 (877) 877-0702.

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